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Itchybuss feeticus w/ side effects of poliglotitus... (IM)

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I am a 33 year old girl/woman/bird from the UK. The Midlands, to be precise, and Northamptonshire to be even preciserer. I am also a sufferer of the little-known disease, itchybuss feeticus with side effects of polyglotitus. Symptoms include an inability to put down roots and the compulsive learning of foreign languages. This blog tracks the progression of these conditions, neither of which is terminal, but for which no cure has yet been discovered.

Hopefully it will also provide you with some very light entertainment, as well as enabling a wannabe scribbler to practise her 'craft.'

Accompanying me on this journey of self-discovery is Pooch. My nine and a half year old hound of dubious parentage from Spain. Andalucia, to be precise, the back hills of Estepona to be even preciserer.

So please, sit back, relax, and let your mouse do the travelling.

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cool, i'll take a gander...
i am from nottingham! Very Happy

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Added you to my blogroll, thanks!

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