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Christmas Gift Giving Protocol

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1Christmas Gift Giving Protocol Empty Christmas Gift Giving Protocol on 14th December 2009, 12:48 am


As this is our first Christmas in Italy and as we've made a few friends here in Soriano who have been extremely helpful and supportive of us non-Italian speaking Aussies we would like to give them a little Christmas gift to say thank you.

But we're not sure of the traditions and protocol surrounding gift giving at Christmas time.

Could anyone give us some advice on what type of gift would be appropriate and also is there a traditional gift to give to new friends?

How's everyone else's Christmas plans going? How are you all dealing with gifts for your families back home? Are any of you putting up Christmas trees and decorations in or around your homes?

Look forward to hearing from some of you soon.

Buon Natale!

Peta santa rendeer

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2Christmas Gift Giving Protocol Empty Re: Christmas Gift Giving Protocol on 14th December 2009, 10:40 am

Hi Peta
We have had our xmas tree up since the beginning of december Christmas Gift Giving Protocol Icon_mad , but tradtionally trees go up on the feast day on 8th Dec, which is a public holiday, and then go down after the 6th Jan, but I usually pull mine down on the 27th coz I am a meanie!
As for presents, I don't know what the protocol is, but if you were to make a gift something edible or useful is good. Also something tradtional from your home country is nice. For e.g. my parents gave my parents in law a lace table cloth, because my home town is famous for its lace. Anyway in the supermarkets you can find lots of gift sets for grappa, wine etc. Maybe a table centre piece or some useful piece of table wear like a posh cheese board for dinner parties, silver photo frames are very popular here too, and don't have to cost an arm and a leg! If in doubt you could get a plant, like the tradtional Xmas plant...what's its name..the one with the big red flowers? Or a big bunch of flowers, or chocolates. It depends on how much you want to spend. My neighbour, for example, brings me a panatone at Xmas, another brings me a cestino (a basket full of xmas get them at the supermarkets). Hope something there helps!

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3Christmas Gift Giving Protocol Empty Re: Christmas Gift Giving Protocol on 14th December 2009, 1:49 pm


I agree with Lizzie's suggestions, those gift sets from the supermarket are really popular. You can find some really nice one too. Ditto with the picture frame, but I think that's more typical as a wedding gift? (I know everyone and their brother gave us one for our wedding I have like 15 of them).

Oh the plant is poinsettia, those are popular too among neighbors as a casual gesture for xmas.

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