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Man Flu!?!

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1Man Flu!?! Empty Man Flu!?! on 6th November 2009, 12:08 pm

I was in the UK some weeks ago and got a really bad cold, with a little red nose i was sneezing so much, bad cough, sore throat, light headedness. So when i came home i only had the bad cough left which since has gone.

Last night my BF got a really bad cough (bare in mind he is a smoker) during the night he woke me up 8 times saying he couldnt sleep he felt funny. This morning i woke to find he still had the cough he said his throat hurt and his back was aching (he sat at the computer alot last night on the internet)

Then suddenly he told me its his last day and hes dying and kept saying god help me i have the pig flu! He then went on exaggerating his symptoms (hes a hypercondrac and anything small as in illness is always blown out of preportion)

So now today i have to deal with him being ill while not trying to be driven crazy with his drama queen view on it all! Hes going to see the doctor as well and is now scared to go there!

I know he met someones he knows a few days ago and apprently there children had a flu which might have been the pig flu but there all fine and healthy now. So i think this has been preying on his mind, he also has a habit of not being able to sleep because he worries so much about something he then cant sleep! Oh and also if he worries or focuses on something like an illness he can actually manifest symptoms in himself through sheer force of will!!

Everyone says im very patient with him for the way he is lol!

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2Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 6th November 2009, 1:05 pm

Just been to the doctors apparently its a very mild normal flu that my BF has. He got a very red throat and been given some antibiotics.

The Dr knows exactly what my BF is like he checked his throat then listened to his heart then the Dr looked at me rolled his eyes and shook his head when my BF wasnt looking lol!

So we are home now and hes still trying to make a big deal out if it lool

Men are crazy sometimes! like little children with illness! im suprise the world still functions the way they go on sometimes ROFL

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3Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 6th November 2009, 4:38 pm

He sounds just like Giuliano...really it is uncanny. G is always telling me he has something serious and to tell the children how much he loved them...oh god TOOOOOOOOOO heavy!
I think it is a man thing. Also hereditary as he father is the same (and he is 77 and still going strong). God only help me coz I will proabby end up killing him myself just to shut him up. And like SPike Mulligan, he wants on his headstone 'I told you I was ill'.
you have my sympathy Claire, stay strong, or slip him something strong in his coco!

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4Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 7th November 2009, 11:59 am

I think that might be an 'italian man' thing. My Dutch husband will not admit he's sick unless he's absolutely dying and has a temperature of 40! Cool And if I'm sick it's a sign of weakness (I'm exaggerating!)

Anyway I've noticed that Italians are often hypochondriacs. And they seem to take a lot of antibiotics too.

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5Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 7th November 2009, 12:04 pm

My doctor put one of my kids on antibiotics at least every month until he was 2. I was going crazy, on the one hand he was so sick I couldn't do 'nothing', but on the other hand every time he whad a temperature the doctor would just automatically prescribe ABs. In thet end I had a word with my doctor in the Uk and he gave me some good advice. Daniel hasn't been on AB's now for 18 months!

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6Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 7th November 2009, 12:05 pm

Yup lol also if they say they dont feel well they have a million tests done to them and blood tests etc for something like a cold!

My BF even said you can go to the hospital if you dont feel well and you will always been seen. So they seem to go to the extreme for even little things! lol

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7Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 7th November 2009, 12:28 pm

my mil took my niece to the hospital for a fever because she had been on holiday in Ibiza 3 weeks previously!

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8Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 12th November 2009, 2:22 am

reason # 5463728292933.2 why I like this forum more than expatsinitaly.. is this thread !!

um dont even get me STARTED on this ! ahh why didnt we talk about this SOONER! What is UP with Italian men and being hypochondriacs?!!!!! My boyfriend is sooooo "pesante" when it comes to sickness. I had a touch of the flu last week and he literally took my temperature 5 times an HOUR. i was like give a rest , i WILL live to see another day and if I dont it's because i killed myself as to not have a cold thermometer stuck under my armpit..

anyhow.. i think we are all dating the same version of man lol.. culture thing? Considering we live in a place where you can't go outside with your hair wet, go swimming after lunch, "take cold" on your stomach after eating, or do anything really.. its no so surprising.. hmmm. its always something, seriously i think my bf secretly LIKES getting sick so he gets attention.. ( another thread = attention and italian men.. ) . Before he got his appendix taken out we probably were in the doctors office every few months for 2 YEARS before he got that taken out and you woulda thought it was brain tumor surgery instead of a simple appendix surgery the way he/ and the family carried on about it.. I am often viewed as "insensitive" to my bf about these things but sometimes i actually do say .. "WTF get over it!"... Razz

then again on my few visits to the doctor/hospital it was alwas filled with stressed moms/ old people complaining and cutting in line/ and men.. che ne so..

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9Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 12th November 2009, 11:15 am

Oh my god we must be dating the version of the same man your right!!

If i say i dont feel right today then hes taking me temp and going to be are you ok? every five mins! its crazy!!

How do they cope with fatherhood??!! if the baby vomits or has a cold! im not sure my BF would survive through it! heeheee

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10Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 12th November 2009, 4:02 pm

obviously my Bf has been with 3 kids and is learning not to panic too much. If he had his way we would have the kids down to Pronto Soccorso every time they coughed. Now if they vomit, cough etc. he moves out of the bedroom and I get to deal with the all nighters of vomiting and coughing. (In fairness he has to go to work in the morning.) I remember one year we were just permanently vomitting. I have the 2 little ones (under two yrs old) sleeping on sofa cushions on the floor of the salone, me on the sofa taking in turns vomiting...I have spent nights awake with high temperatures trying to get them down by holding them on the balcony.
My bf has a fixation with everything. for e.g. when one of them had a persistant cough he blamed it on everything ..strawberries (but he'd been eating them happily for months) the fact he didn't have socks on, the fact I didn't dry his hair properly one time, the fact he drank milk, on and on...or something I didn't do. basically they have to know what ic causing it and all the better if it is my fault! Apparently it is my fault my second son is so thin...even though i do everything to get him to eat...tried every tactic in the book and personally think said son is milking the situation for attention. che pizza with these men...I could write a book!

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11Man Flu!?! Empty yikes scary italian man problem| on 14th November 2009, 12:21 am

oh my GOD this is hilarious. My husband is JUST LIKE THAT! It drives me INSANE! And I think Piccolina is right! This is an italian man problem. Good lord the c**p we have to put up with, right? Yes, we are very patient to put up with this, let me tell you. But they are living in their own little world here where everyone puts up with them Razz

My dad (American) is out on top of slippery rooftops framing houses under the pouring rain and freezing cold wind when he has a cold!!!
My husband, on the other hand, can't even babysit when he has a cold! And what am I supposed to do when I have a cold??? Does anyone take my kid away all day so I can rest??? DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THIS ONE!!! Mad

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12Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 14th November 2009, 10:58 am

I am so with you on that one RKA! I am the only one who has to carry on if I am sick even if I have the dreaded FEBBRE!
Have u noticed that excuses EVERYTHING. Didn't go to work? a febbre. Stood someone up? Febbre. Didn't pay your fine?....febbre, Behind on your repayments? Febbre. Crashed into someone else without insurances? Febbre!

This febbre is a free ticket to bad behaviour girls! Man Flu!?! Icon_twisted

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13Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 14th November 2009, 2:08 pm

haha so TRUE , when tommaso told his parents i had "il febbre" last week, his mom started screaming and rnning arund the house about infleunza A and blah blah, basically the whole family was forced to eat boiled chicken and vegetables and broth for a week because of my "febbre".. and they told me i had to check at 8am and 5 pm.. actually no .. every 5 minutes! oh mio dio! i like the idea of the excuses.. sorry immigration police.. i have the "febbre".. yep

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14Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 14th November 2009, 2:14 pm

It's an excellent excuse for dropping out last minute. Sorry I have il febbre' you can be sure no one will want u within 10km!!

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15Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 14th November 2009, 2:58 pm

whats Febbre?

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16Man Flu!?! Empty Re: Man Flu!?! on 14th November 2009, 3:09 pm

only the most important thing after the bella figura! it means having a temperature!

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