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Did I tick off my hairdresser?

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1 Did I tick off my hairdresser? on 28th October 2009, 4:56 pm

So the first time I went to this hairdresser, a couple of months ago, I just got a haircut and blow dry. I noticed that she broke everything down on the receipt, such as haircut, blow dry, and even the mousse she put in my hair, with separate charges for each thing. So I thought seems kind of expensive just for the blow dry portion of the cut, so why not skip that part the next time? So the second time I went in, when she got ready to blow dry my hair, I just asked her if I could leave it as-is. She didn't seem too thrilled by this but she did it. I figure I made it up to her a little bit as I returned the following week for a piega (hairstyle), which would normally be a splurge for me.

So...just because things are kind of listed "a la carte" on the price list doesn't REALLY mean you can go without doing one part or another, I take it?


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2 Re: Did I tick off my hairdresser? on 28th October 2009, 8:57 pm

don't know about that but certain Italian hair dressers need a dressing down in my opinion. There is one in particular near me who really ticked me off...I made an appointment struggled there on crutches heavily pregnant and with rest of family in tow. She kept me waiting without apology for 40 min and kept saying she'd be there in a minute. My husband was horrified when I got up and stormed out. My position on it was that if I have an appointment she should try and honour it, and if she can't at least apologise and ask me to come back later or something. Sometimes I think people think their time is more important than the rest of us....the same of course goes for doctor's surgeries etc. but they are unavoidable. Now I have a wonderful hairdresser who comes to my house and cuts for 10 euro ...e vai!

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3 Re: Did I tick off my hairdresser? on 28th October 2009, 11:09 pm

I get my haircut when i visit my parents in the UK so every 6 months, im a bit scared of doing it here as im worried they wont do what i want or wont understand exactly how i like my hair done! Suspect

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4 Re: Did I tick off my hairdresser? on 4th November 2009, 6:45 pm

wow 10 euros lizzie, yeah finding a decent hairdresser can be a bit of a challenge as i would rather not leave with a mullet which seem to be the trend here in florence .. i was a hair-model once in 2005 while studying and i cried when they cut my hair 5 inches without asking.. bastardi! now I go to an Aveda salon where they use natural products ( i have had my hair FRIED here ) and they do a great job, cut and color ( all over ) for 80 euros WITH a student discount ( even tho im not a student ) but i have a sneaking suspicion they charge me for the deep conditioner i never asked for or a little bit of serum.. boh..

so hows does it work with tipping the hairstylist here? how much would you tip?

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5 Re: Did I tick off my hairdresser? on 5th November 2009, 1:40 pm

I tip them like this...'don't make a mistake and you get to keep your hands!' Razz

Don't u think they already get paid enough???

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6 Re: Did I tick off my hairdresser? on 5th November 2009, 2:09 pm

hahaha lizzie , that sounds like a good tip! yeah i do agree about the fact they already get paid alot, in America you usually tip your hairdresser 20% so I had no idea what you would tip here. My rule thus far is if I felt they did a really good job , didnt overcharge me, then i will leave them a tip.. Very Happy

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7 Re: Did I tick off my hairdresser? on 5th November 2009, 2:17 pm

My hairdresser charges 8, but I give her 10
(last of the big spenders!)

I should think no more than 2 or 3 euro thou

have u noticed that tips for restaurants in Uk are 10% in US maybe 20%? and in italy if they are lucky they get a couple of euro...or is that just the cheap places I go to!!!?

oooppps am so late, gotta go and get the kids from school.........

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