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Awesome, fun, photo greeting cards right from your computer

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Ciao Pink Ladies!
Come va?

I have something that might be of particular interest to you for use from Italy.

If you have anyone back in the States, Canada, Australia, and really anywhere, that would love to hear from you, try a cool card from SendOutCards.

I have so much fun making cards online (selecting from thousands, or creating my own with photos) that I joined the company. You might enjoy it too. It's like online scrap booking, without the paste, pens, or need for postage stamps. SendOutCards prints, stamps, and takes it to the post office for you! They are mailed from the USA, Canada, or Australia and rumor of England next year.

And now you can insert not only your cute photos, but a weblink or QR code (for smart phone users) that will play a video. Great for times like Father's Day cards to grampa, or the kids thanking family for presents. I made a couple for graduation parties we cannot attend. (AND included a Target gift card.)

Take a look and see if you like it. It would save you time and postage from Italy, and, avoid the need for the Italian post!

I give everyone a free card to try it, (click on #2 on my website) so, if you haven't sent that Father's Day card..... Very Happy

We could Skype too if you'd like me to walk you through it.
Skype: NancyRickUSA

Let me know what you think. I hope you find it as much fun as I do.
Cards website:

By the way, all profits from cards are for our troops (who also use this from Iraq and Afghanistan when they want to send a card or card and gift home.)


Vista, California (and annual visitor to bella italia! I send awesome photo postcards -- with us in the picture!)
cards website: Click on #2 for a free sample. (#1 is a video, but with a little too much corporate propaganda for me.) <--- my support the troops website.

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