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From Alaska, living in Rome.. glad I brought my warm coats!

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My name is Rebecca and I'm in Rome for a while studying. I enjoy leather books, strong cocktails and talking world affairs. I would love to find a cocktail partner in crime for some chill low level relaxing..!

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Hello Rebecca nice to meet you!

What kind of cocktails do you like?

If you check out the cooking thread i posted a lot of cocktail recipes at one point Razz

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I would love to chill on any level, but my avaliability sucks! Razz

But make sure you come when we arrange the meetup in Rome! afro

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Ciao! I can relate to the change in climate a bit since I grew up in Northern Canada. I would love to meet up with you sometime to chat world affairs! I am huge political nerd and have been unable to have really meaningful discussions since my Italian is not so perfect yet. We are always hanging out in Trastevere too so it would be awesome to meet up some time! Ciao for now!

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im so jealous, i love talking politics ( if anyone has seen my fb knows that..) and it seems noone else does haha.. at least here in Florence.. i would love a wine drinking , issue talking partner in crime

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Ditto PP. I'd love to have a long, wine-fueled chat in ENGLISH!

Wish I was in Rome... or Firenze... sometime soon!

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7From Alaska, living in Rome.. glad I brought my warm coats! Empty another Alaskan on 17th February 2011, 3:31 pm

I grew up in Alaska and have always had a love for Italy so now I am here. If you are still in Rome lets get together and talk about our igloos over a glass of wine.


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