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So how did you meet your boyfriend/husband?

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26So how did you meet your boyfriend/husband? - Page 2 Empty Re: So how did you meet your boyfriend/husband? on 18th April 2010, 12:05 pm

awwwww i love that story to! cheers

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27So how did you meet your boyfriend/husband? - Page 2 Empty Re: So how did you meet your boyfriend/husband? on 24th August 2011, 4:21 am

Okay, first off, I do realize that this question was asked in 2009. Secondly... I don't live in Italy, but London, England. And that's where I met my husband of 4 months on the 29th.

I was walking down a quiet street in London at 5:30 in the morning (I worked at a hotel/family business then and was coming from buying some groceries for breakfast that we'd forgotten to get the day before). I was looking at my cell phone, on which I had made a grocery list on. I was walking through a darker area on the street where the streetlights didn't light my way, when I bumped into what felt like a pole at the time. But you know, as soon as I looked up from my phone, I sort of figured out that it wasn't a pole, but a GORGEOUS man.
"I'm so sorry!" We said at the same time as I knelt to pick up my groceries, which I had dropped.
"Are you alright, Miss?" He said to me as he too, kneeled to help me pick up my things.
"Oh, me? Yes. I'm fine. Thank you." I said.
"Good." The admittedly very, cute guy replied as he took my hand, which was surprisingly warm, and surprisingly soft, and helped me up, handing me the bag.
I smiled. Not really knowing what else to say. So I said another polite "thank you" and started on my way home.
I was about 6 strides along when I heard a voice behind me.
"Excuse me, I'm sorry, but... what's your name?"
I spun around, trying not to look too eager, and walked forward.
"Um.... Rosalinda, but um... everyone calls me Rosie."
"Rosalinda. Lovely name."
"And you are?" I said.
"I'm Tom. Just Tom."
"Well. Nice to meet you Tom." I said, reaching my hand out to shake his, and him doing the same.
Again I smiled and turned to walk away. But then...
" Um... excuse me, Rosie, but.... um.... I was wondering if um... you'd like to maybe ah.... do something sometime.... with me, I mean. Like a date... we could um.. go out for coffee, sometime.... maybe.... if you'd like, of course."
"YES!" I responded.... and it just sort of went uphill from there!!

xxoo, Rosie

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