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Job seeking!

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1Job seeking! Empty Job seeking! on 26th December 2012, 8:22 pm

Hi ladies Smile

Been living in Rome for 7 months, still I can't imagine moving back home..

But.. I'm a bit frustrated about the work thing.. well, I teach (some) hours in an english school and I have a certification as a Zumba teacher, but I DREAM OF finding a solid job, with firm hours, knowing every month how much money goes into my account. Been living for 7 months from month to month salaries, without knowing how much i'll earn the next, and now I am in a place in my life, where I want some more stability.
Does any of you know where to look, if you want something more, than just waitress or teaching english, or maybe one of you, is hiring? Smile
- only problem is my italian right now is only middle level..

Hope to hear from you!

best - and merry christmas santa

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