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Moving to Torino and then to Arona

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1Moving to Torino and then to Arona Empty Moving to Torino and then to Arona on 7th December 2011, 6:55 pm

My name is Angela. I am married to an Italian and we are currently living in the States with our 2 young children - 5 & 2 years old. However, we are moving to Italy at the end of March, 2012.
I lived in Italy with my husband for 7.5 years before we moved to Indiana 3 years ago. My husband HATES living here and we have been trying to find way to move back to Italy. We finally found it when he received news that he has finally been assigned a teaching position in the province of Novarra after having been put on the waiting list over 10 years ago! We are extremely excited to be moving back. We will initially be staying in Torino (where we lived when there before) with my father-in-law until we find a place in Arona. I have never been to Arona, but it looks beautiful!

I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends in Torino where I was an active member of the International Womens Club of Torino. I, however, will likely look into joining an English speaking club in Milan since Arona is closer to Milan than to Torino.

I would also like to make new friends that be in the Torino area during the summer - I know from years past that many ladies leave/travel during the summer months and there are not many expats around Torino at that time of year. Sad
Can't wait until March!!


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