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Friends in Rome - Book club meeting

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1Friends in Rome - Book club meeting Empty Friends in Rome - Book club meeting on 17th September 2009, 7:30 pm

The first meeting will be on Saturday the 19th near
Piazza Repubblica on Via Nazionale & Via Napoli on the
opposite side of Mel book store at "Flann O'Brien's"
pub. We'll be in the back. We'll meet at 3.30.

Bring whatever ideas, suggestions, etc. you may have.
Also I'm not sure how we want to do it but probably you
could bring a few proposals for reading and I guess
we'll decide on the categories, etc. and then take a

I'll send out a reminder this week. I look forward to
this. I just enjoy reading and sharing my books so I
thought it would be nice to get with other people who
enjoy it too. I'll bring some books and magazines to

I think that eventually we could even do it at
someone's home where we may feel a little more
comfortable (and we could bring food!).

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