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Speedy summer fat-zapping workout!Nutrition Team

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Speedy summer fat-zapping workout!Nutrition Team

You've finally gone bathing suit shopping and sure enough, you're horrified. You’re about to go on holiday and you're not ready. But don’t panic! You can get ready for the beach - fast!

You can burn five times the fat in half the workout time - but how?

With this well-kept secret, you can do a nearly 100 percent aerobic workout - burning maximum fat off your hip/butt, thigh and stomach areas - and at the same time you will tighten, tone and define these "bathing suit" body parts.

First, do a combination of compatible exercises for your "bathing suit area" without taking a rest. For example, you could do one exercise for your thighs, and then, without resting, move on to an exercise for your hip/butt area, and then, without resting, follow with yet another exercise for your stomach.

Now you've done three exercises without resting and without exhaustion. Why? While one body part is working, the others are resting, but your metabolism continues to burn fat, saving time in the process.

You also can and should move on to additional exercises for a total-body speedy fat-zapping summer workout, but to get you started, here's an example of three exercises for the thigh, hip/butt and stomach areas.

Standing Front Thigh Extension

Position: Stand next to a chair you can hold onto for balance.

Movement: Holding onto the chair with your left hand, raise your right knee until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Flexing your thigh muscle as hard as you can, extend your leg out as far as it will go. Return to start and repeat the movement 15 times. Repeat for your other leg. Without resting, move on to the next exercise.

Lying Butt Lift

Position: Lie down with the soles of your feet and your back flat on the floor.

Movement: Raise your hip/butt area about 5" off the floor, flexing this area as hard as possible. Return to start and repeat 15 times. Without resting, move on to the next exercise.

Abdominal Ceiling Reach

Position: Stay flat on your back. Lift your legs up and together, nearly perpendicular to the floor and extend your arms toward the ceiling with palms facing your knees. Flexing your abdominal muscles as you go, raise your upper body until your shoulders are off the ground. Return to start position and repeat 15 times.

Ideally, you should do more combinations for these body parts, and add in the rest of your body.

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