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2 Expat woman have been attacked in the last 2 weeks- WARNING ALL - please read

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Im passing this message along from other expay groups:

2 Expat woman have been attacked in the last 2 weeks- WARNING ALL

Just like everyone to be super careful there have been 2 attacks in the last week. 2 weeks ago an American female was followed home after getting off the night bus and jumped, beat, and robbed. She was in the hospital about 10 days, and had to have surgery on her ankle. The attack happened near piramid/Ostenses area.

Last night another female was attacked by a black male, she was robbed. This happened in Trastevere area while she was walking home.

Just like to warn everyone female and male because you never know that these things are happening and make sure that if you are going home late at night to make sure you have a buddy or take a taxi.

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Please dont take this warning lightly one of the expats on this site knows one of the girls who was attacked so all please be very careful when out especially in the evenings Shocked

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wow Claire! i hope that shes ok! thats shocking! especially with the start of summer i imagien crime to go up.. i never take the bus really late at night bymyself and t-man always comes and gets me. also helps to not take everything in your purse, a copy of your passport/ permesso. some cash and an old id is good enough! otherwise youll lose everything while out!

is she ok Claire????

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Apparently one was really shaken and the other one twisted her ankle badly when it happened but it could have been a lot worse.

I think they might have thought they were tourists i guess some people might think there easy prey which is really bad and scary!

G hope your being careful in Florence!! Smile

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