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Coniglio di Pasquale Di Meglio

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1Coniglio di Pasquale Di Meglio Empty Coniglio di Pasquale Di Meglio on 2nd April 2010, 12:16 pm

Heat olive oil in a sauce pan (preferably a clay pot, which is what traditionalists in Ischia use)

Add two or three sliced cloves of garlic and the rest of the garlic head whole and brown it

Then, add the rabbit and brown it (You can purchase rabbits at the supermarket, where they're often frozen and therefore have to be defrosted first, or you can go to a livestock farm that raises rabbit, where the workers might even kill your rabbit in front of you to prove it's fresh.)

Once the rabbit is brown, add half a glass of white wine and let it evaporate

Then, pull out the rabbit and put it in a dish on the side of your pot

To the pot where the rabbit had been, add half a can of crushed tomatoes and add salt, oregano, parsley, and basil – and cook it for 15 minutes with the cover on, stirring occasionally

After about 15 minutes, take the cover off, return the rabbit to the pot, and put the cover on again. Cook the rabbit in the sauce for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally

Finally, take the cover off and cook the rabbit at least one hour. It's done when the meat is fully cooked and tender.

Eat your rabbit (preferably with your hands as an Ischitano would)

Probably the most popular "congilio Ischitano" is rabbit in white wine sauce. To make that, you do pretty much the same thing as you do with the above recipe, but you add additional olive oil and no tomatoes. It's much lighter, and I'm a big fan of dipping bread in the garlic-wine-infused oil that remains in my plate.

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