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1CHOCOLATE DESSERTS Empty CHOCOLATE DESSERTS on 16th March 2010, 9:04 pm


Chocolate Brandy Ice Balls

Roll large balls of chocolate ice cream in miniature chocolate chips and freeze. Top with brandy-laced (1 tbsp) whipped cream and a small strawberry with stem.

Adult Ice Cream Brandy Sodas

Combine chocolate syrup, chocolate ice cream, brandy (1.5 oz), milk (1/4 cup), and some Schweppes Club Soda in high ball glasses. Blend or stir vigorously.

Sexy Orange Chocolate Fondue

Heat 1/2 cup heavy cream, slowly melt 250 grams of semisweet chocolate into the mixture, add 2 tbsp orange liqueur (to taste), or a splash of rum (to taste). Dip ladyfingers, strawberries and banana slices into the fondue

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