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Um... just got flashed at the bus stop!

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1Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! Empty Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! on 28th January 2010, 11:14 pm

Hello everyone, I just thought I would share with all in the pink forum community that yesterday at approx: 15:00 while waiting inside the bus ( I live at the capolinea or last stop) , we had a bonified flasher in our midst. Luckily I had my friend with me but somehow or maybe on purpose the other 7 old people on the bus had no idea or didn't care.. at first we thought it a guy peeing in front of the bus ( after all I have seen this at constructin sites) but nope he was fully clothed but just ahem.. had his uhhh member out and proceeded to walk around the little park in front of the bus stop, keep in mind this is right next to a busy street. the best part was that he was staring at me and my friend..

oh yeah.. and the police were in the piazza but didnt seem to care/mind that a guy in the freezing cold was exposing himself..

lol.. so how was YOUR day? Shocked

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2Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! Empty Re: Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! on 29th January 2010, 12:58 am


eeewww! I'm so sorry that happened to you No

3Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! Empty Re: Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! on 29th January 2010, 11:09 am

Thats horrible! but i must admit i did have a little giggle when reading it as i imagined how it happened!

Dont they get arrested here for that kind of thing?? what if children saw him? affraid

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4Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! Empty Re: Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! on 29th January 2010, 1:21 pm

lol not going to lie its pretty funny now... at the time i was more disturbed. but this has happaned to me once before but in a park. the weirdest thing was there were lots of other people on the bus and the police , bth carabienieri and municipiale were driving around! I don't know if they just thought it was funny or didn't see him or what.. thats kind of why me and my friend had our jaws dropped .. it was the twilight zone in the sense only we noticed.. Laughing

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Yes. But you have to fight hard to get the to take action because from their perspective there is little to be gained.

I was walking to town last spring when a man attempted to sexually assault me, he was trying to force me off the road into a field with his vespa. His intent was clearly stated.

I went straight to the carabiniare, they drove me to where it happened, he was still there, arrested and charged.

It will be years before this gets to court, by which time I don't believe for a second he will still be in the country.

They were very sympathetic (apart from expecting me to get in their car with him after his arrest to be driven back to the station, they just couldn't see the issue I had with this set up) and as frustrated as myself that the charge could not reflect the seriousness of the crime, nor that the less aggressive female members of the community could be protected from him.

He will rape somebody, of that neither I nor they had any doubt.

Which is why I reported it, at least if he does hurt some poor women and gets caught there will be a previous complaint to back up her allegations.

I remember when a rapist was let off here because the judge said you couldn't rape somebody wearing jeans, I just wanted to make sure that no victim of this toe rag was standing in that court room alone with no other voice to back her up left wide open to that kind of attitude.

My advice is to make one hell of a fuss and insist, (ask for the officers to identify themselves so you can make a complaint if they seem uninterested in perusing things, you have the right to make a denuncia, they don't get to decide for you if it is worth it), to make sure that, despite the rather wet lettuce slap on the wrist they get for what they did to you, if and when they escalate there is something on file to support their future victims.

I'll get no justice for something that stole my ability to walk around in the middle of the day without fear, which haunts me at night with what could have been if I hadn't been round the block a few times at 40, bolshie and extremely lucky that a car past at the right time on a secluded road.

He is only about 20 years old, but it was far, far too practiced a strategy to have been the first time, yet there was nothing mentioning anything similar on his very extensive record.

Well there is now.

So hopefully the next woman, and there will be a next woman, there will be many next women, he is young and has many years left in him to cause harm, that next woman who reports him will have my words and actions standing behind them, supporting them.

So if anybody does follow through in reporting flashers or other more minor forms of sexual intimindation in future, don't feel like it was a waste of time, it isn't. It is the single most powerful thing you can do to help his future victims.

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6Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! Empty Re: Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! on 30th January 2010, 4:42 pm

Good for you Sarah! how horrible that that happenned to you! No

Years ago I nearly got raped by a man in an elevator while I was living in a foreign country. I only escaped because I fought my way out (I'm quite tall) and also the elevator started up again and stopped at a floor. To my shame I didn't report it. The police in this country were corrupt and all my local friends just laughed and said going to the police will be no use. I was only 23 - but it haunts me that this guy probably raped someone.

Anyway Sarah so glad they got the guy!!

And gg - yuk!

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7Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! Empty Re: Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! on 30th January 2010, 6:16 pm

piccolina wrote:To my shame I didn't report it.

The shame isn't yours love. It's his.

If this had happened to me at 22 instead of 42 I don't think I would have had the self confindence to report it, plus a 20 yo man attacking a 23 year old woman ...there is the risk of "she invited it, she initiated it, she co-operated" being put on the table, whereas it is harder to sell that senario to the police when it is a 20 yo professional begger who reeks like he rolled in a sewer and an 42 yo professional teacher on her way to meet her husband and son from a sporting event.

I had the deck stacked in my favour that day, on every level.

Just doesn't feel like "lucky" some nights.

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8Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! Empty Re: Um... just got flashed at the bus stop! on 4th February 2010, 6:09 pm

bloody can really be shit some times.
the sad thing is that it is so common and it's everywhere.
courage xxx

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