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Orange cake

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1Orange cake Empty Orange cake on 23rd January 2010, 4:10 pm

•300g Margarine (and not lite or non fat)
•800g Sugar
•16 Eggs
•800g Flour
•30g Baking Powder
•5g Salt
•5 Medium Oranges
•Fresh Orange Juice
•Extra Sugar
•250ml Rum (optional - but now and then I replace it with another liquid for variation)
•250ml Milk
•300g Sugar (for syrup)
•Orange peels (For syrup)
•Saffron Strands (For Syrup)
•1lt Water (for syrup)

1.Cream margarine and 800g sugar
2.Add eggs one by one, working each one in thoroughly
3.Mix flour, baking powder and salt.
4.Add this to the egg mix
5.Boil oranges for 2 hours, replacing the water thrice
6.Cut in half and remove the seeds
7.Liquidize skin and all
8.Add enough sugar and fresh orange juice until it is of amousse consistency
9.Add the egg-flour mixture with rum
10.Mix well
11.Add milk
12.Mix well
13.Pour into a greased ban and bake at 180deg C for 1 hour
14.SYRUP: (I make this whilst the cake is in the oven)
15.Blanch orange peel cut in thin strips in water for half an hour.
16.Replace water and simmer for another half an hour on low heat
17.Melt 300g sugar in 1lt water and bring to a boil
18.Add some orange peel and saffron strands
19.Boil on high until it starts to thicken.
20.Add some gelatine
21.Let it cool a bit before you pour syrup over hot cake

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2Orange cake Empty Re: Orange cake on 23rd January 2010, 5:14 pm

SIXTEEN EGGS?! Shocked Shocked Laughing

Blimey. That's going to be one HUGE cake. Although hopefully feather-light as well, with that much egg beaten in. Nom nom nom!

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