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Sparklebox - A heads up

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1Sparklebox - A heads up Empty Sparklebox - A heads up on 17th January 2010, 10:59 pm

I know many EFL teachers use this site, as do loads of expat parents. It is one of the most popular, free, educational recourses on the web.

It has been discovered that the site was created by and run by a convicted pedophile.

I have a post on my blog (see profile) with links to the BBC story and instructions on how to remove the free sparklebox toolbar that some many people downloaded and installed. Links to any updates regarding security concerns will be added to the relevant post.

If you work in a school or know other expat parents who use the internet to teach their children English would you mind passing on the information, either by email or in person, so they can choose to continue using the site and it's tools, or not, in a fully informed position.

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2Sparklebox - A heads up Empty Re: Sparklebox - A heads up on 4th February 2010, 7:17 pm

bloody hell
luckily (?) I've not actually heard of the site before now.....
grim reading....

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