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Tips on applying to public asilo nido in rome

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1Tips on applying to public asilo nido in rome Empty Tips on applying to public asilo nido in rome on 3rd January 2010, 12:06 am

I'm particularly thinking of Lizzie who seems to know a lot about this topic!

Anyway we're planning to sign our now 18 month old up for public asilo nido next year (ie Sept 2010). I've heard it's really really hard to get in though and we almost completed the process last year but I got sick at the last minute and wasn't able to queue up at the comune.

Anyway just wondering if you have any tips? I see that Lizzie says it's better to apply for a full time place even if you really want your kid to go part time? For us it would be ideal to have her in there from early morning (7.30-Cool until lunchtime.

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I wrote a good reply to this posting yesterday and then it disappeared! Very frustrating!
So now u are only gonna get a short reply, but any specific questions I will happily answer!
I can't remember what my previous comment re fulltime/part time was refering to, but anyway......... it is easier to get a part time position than a full time place for your child, as full time are more in demand. Whether or not you get a place for your child depends on how much demand for places there is. In my area the demand is crazy... whereas in the centre, in Re di Roma, my friend got a place easily.
You will get more points if you both work, (and you need contracts to prove it), if you live near the school, if you have more than one child, if your ISEE shows you have a low income. Other than crossing your fingers I am not sure what you can do... I guess if you put your name down for one of the less popular schools you may stand more of a chance of getting a place...but it is all down to points!
good luck!

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Thanks Lizzie! We live in the centre (Piazza Vittorio) but I've heard it's hard to get in around here too. We both work FT though and our income isn't especially high. Well, we'll see...

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