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Market stalls

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1Market stalls Empty Market stalls on 13th September 2009, 12:04 pm

I have noticed all these little market stalls in different places selling things, like bags, clothes, jewellry, etc

I have found you can get some nice bargin things! like 5 - 10 euro bags!, i have got some summer and winter tops for 2-3 euros!

I even bought some non brand trainers for 3 euros once!! bargin!!!

The best ones are on the metro stop Octtaviano and down the road from the Vatican walking towards Piazza di Popolo!

So if you want a bargin but dont have a lot of money i recommend them! alien

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2Market stalls Empty Re: Market stalls on 11th October 2009, 3:57 pm

Most local areas seem to have them..its often the same stuff (like having a big outdoor chain store all over the city) which is good if you saw something you liked and didn't buy as you can go and buy it anywhere. The local markets on monday mornings seem to sell the same stuff too.

Good news is that the quality is ok too and its very cheap. In fact most ladies in torrevecchia seem to go about in stuff from the market stalls. My mum even stole my nice pair of cotton harem pants type things when I was over there in the summer Laughing

I hardly go in the shops on via di Torrevecchia anymore Wink X

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3Market stalls Empty Re: Market stalls on 12th October 2009, 11:29 am

Heehee i always check the market stalls first when im after something!

I think its because i miss the charity shops and carboot sales in the UK. I got alot of fun going through a pile of clothes looking for that bargain that would make my day I love you

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4Market stalls Empty Re: Market stalls on 29th October 2009, 4:56 pm

I live near Piazza Vittorio and have bought a few things lately at the market stalls which sometimes pop up around the piazza. I got a L'Oreal lipstick yesterday for 6 euro. Nice shade but I had to pick through a lot of bright orange or bright pink lipsticks to find it. I also got these really cute Oilily boots for my daughter for 10 euro. They're a bit big and will probably fit next year. I also often find bargains at Mas (plates, glasses, random things like kid's t-shirts) but it's a bit hit or miss.

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