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Choose Good Fats for Healthy Skin and Energy!

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1Choose Good Fats for Healthy Skin and Energy! Empty Choose Good Fats for Healthy Skin and Energy! on 23rd December 2009, 12:41 pm

Dietary fat is an essential ingredient needed by the body for energy, healthy skin (we love that!), and vitamin absorption.

If you are curious about how to get the best fats into your diet, then here are 3 simple suggestions to help you fold a little extra omega-3’s, one of the best healthy oils, into your diet:

1: Add 1/4 walnuts and 1-tablespoon ground flaxseed to your morning oatmeal or cereal. These amounts give you about 4 grams of omega 3s. (If you bake, try substituting about 1/8 of the total flour needed with ground flax seed. (Note from Bill: I use Bob’s Redmill organic brand - and I store it in the refrigerator.) Try this recipe for Sweet Polenta Porridge

2: Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, whenever possible. Also good are canola oil and safflower oil. Keep stored in a cool, dark location as heat and light can cause damage to omega 3s. NOTE: Do not use olive oil to fry foods - as the high heat can/will damage the fatty acids. Try this recipe for Lemon-Roasted Beets, Brussels, and Yams

3: If you are not vegetarian, then consider eating a variety of fish twice a week. Salmon is one of the highest sources of omega 3s. Try this recipe for Sesame Crusted Salmon with Orange Miso

If you take actual supplements, such as flaxseed oil, do so under the advice of a physician – as taking too much of this type of supplement can actually be harmful.

About Flaxseed
Ground flaxseed is available in most baking sections of the market. Flaxseed oil is available at many health food stores. It requires refrigeration

In addition to the above, beans and winter squash are a few of the many food that are a good source of Omega 3s!

The suggested recipes are on the cooking thread Smile

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