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Kids Christmas Poem

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1Kids Christmas Poem Empty Kids Christmas Poem on 4th December 2009, 9:13 pm


Our 11 year old son has a really tough Italian teacher at school and one of the things she has asked him to do is write an Italian Christmas Poem! santa

It's actually quite hard for him to even do this in English, let alone trying to then find rhyming words in Italian to try and piece together a 20 line poem!

Unfortunately,again! my very basic Italian language skills are hopeless!

Does anyone have any ideas or advice they can give us to try and help him get this done?

I've googled "How to write an Italian Christmas Poem" and get a lot of traditional poems, but of course we can't just copy one.

I'm just about to call my friend in Piedmonte and ask her to help but I'd love to hear how others cope with helping their kids with their Italian school work?

Thanks and hope everyone's keeping warm?? I'm really not used to this cold weather!!


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2Kids Christmas Poem Empty Re: Kids Christmas Poem on 5th December 2009, 11:22 am

gosh, that's a fun one. Good luck! ha ha! I would try and find pairs of rhyming words and force them into sentences. For e.g I was trying to do one off the top of my head....which is a challenge, but with my 8 year old's help we have come up with:

Babbo Natale e rotondo,
E viagga nel mondo,
Per dare i regali al bambini,
Sale sul tetto e entra nei cammini,
(Spero che non incontri gli assassini!)

Il giorno di Natale
Mangiamo troppo e ci sentiamo male!
Ma almeno, quando i bambini vanno a letto
C'e un po di pace, come sempre detto:
Oggi, Jesu e nato
siamo contenti che, finalmente e arrivato!

Ok it's a bit crap, but we had fun trying!

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3Kids Christmas Poem Empty Thanks!! on 5th December 2009, 6:47 pm

Hi Lizzie

Thanks so much!! Good idea with the words and glad you and your 8yr old had fun.

I hope you don't have copyright on this as it's so cute that Mish is going to use it. We'll let you know the feedback from his Italian Teacher.

Hopefully one day we'll be able to meet up in Roma and if we do we'll shout cioccolato caldo all round!

Grazie mille


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4Kids Christmas Poem Empty Re: Kids Christmas Poem on 5th December 2009, 7:30 pm

oh cool, it was fun to do and I am glad it was useful too! I am gonna save it just in case Matteo needs to do a poem, but I am sure no one will ever know it has been used twice! Also it has a particular English humour..I am sure no Italian child would think of it, I read it to my Italian neighbour and she said 'assassini? oh so English!' Do let me know what the teacher says...I am glad Mish liked it too! Exxxxxxxxxxxxx Kids Christmas Poem Icon_cheers

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