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Possibly moving from States to Florence....

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1 Possibly moving from States to Florence.... on 30th November 2009, 11:51 pm

I am 29 yr old mom of three. I am trying to attend a master's program in Florence. I would be bringing my kids with me on this crazy adventure. I jut need a little insight for the move. i.e. rentals, schools, visas, etc. I have been on several sites. I like the idea of public school for my kids, but do they offer help for kids who don't speak any Italian. Like ESL clases that are offered in the states, something to that effect. Also where could I find a nice 2 or 3 bedroom apt rental? I am just racking my brain with all these thoughts.

Thanks so much!

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2 Re: Possibly moving from States to Florence.... on 1st December 2009, 3:12 pm

Nice to meet you Bella Very Happy Welcome to the forum!

We have a couple of people living in florence i believe! also if you check they useful links thread theres some good info sites on there Cool

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3 Re: Possibly moving from States to Florence.... on 1st December 2009, 3:48 pm

That sounds really exciting Bella! Well u have a huge amount to organise.
My kids go to state schools, and I know of kids who have just been thrown into the system and done fine. How old are your kids? You are very unlikely to be provided with esl help unless you pay privately...I think this type of thing would only be given to immigrants or assylum seekers, there just aren't the resources! Of course there are always International schools, but they cost a ton of cash.I worked for one that asked about 10,000euro a year for a 10 year old...just to give u an idea.
This is gonna be an expensive project....rental especially. And even though the state schools are free you are still gonna have to pay for lunches, school materials, sports and any other extras...but I expect this is the same in the States.

Let's see if Georgette knows about any appartments....or can give u some advice....

good luck!!!!!!!!! and let us know how it's going...

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Hello there!
ive lived in florence on and off since 2005, maybe I can help with the apartment search... i need some details , how much you want to spend, area ect ect.. if I see anything I will send it your way and I do have some contacts Smile.. sounds to me like lizzie is the best to ask regarding kids related questions but i have heard the state schools in florence are quite good and you can look into having an italian babysitter or tutor to help guide them along.. someone who uses interactive teaching methods.. ie: games ect ect..

when are you coming?

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