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Be a lazy Goddess!

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1Be a lazy Goddess! Empty Be a lazy Goddess! on 10th September 2009, 5:29 pm

From an aritcle i found:

Last minute invite on your hands? Don't pass on the party of the year because your tresses are looking lank.

"Take the ultimate lazy-girl option and spray dry shampoo into your hair," Leave for five seconds to absorb all the grease and then brush out. Hey presto, you'll look like you've just stepped out of the salon.

"Another good way of camouflaging manky hair is to put sections in rollers, apply a little hairspray to them and leave for five seconds to dry. Your hair will now boast a rather voluminous Hollywood style."

Don't let nibbled, chipped nails ruin your red carpet street cred. Accessorise your glamourous outfit with enviable nails - minus the time consuming manicure.

"If you want a cheat's version of a French manicure, just paint the ends of your nails in white," Hannah suggests. "Another high-maintenance fake French mani tip is to buy a white nail pencil and apply it under the nail. It takes about a minute to do, costs next to nothing and looks very convincing."

"A facial massage will help stimulate the blood circulation in a flash and flush out those nasty toxins that can cause spots,".

"You can do this yourself at home with your own face cream, just massage gently in upwards strokes."

"Rather than picking greasy red zits, wrap an ice cube in a clean sock and hold it on the area for a minute or two. If you're going straight out dab some tea tree oil on it, leave to absorb, then cover with a light coating of concealer."

"To de-puff eyes, pre-soak four teabags in iced water and place over your eyelids, When they get warm after five minutes, switch them with the other two teabags in the iced water and leave on for a further ten minutes."

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