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Swap parties in Rome.

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1Swap parties in Rome. Empty Swap parties in Rome. on 21st November 2009, 11:29 am

Swap parties – bartering events that give people the chance to exchange their used items – have arrived in the capital following their successful launch in Milan.

On the last Saturday of each month the Neapolitan association Bidonville organizes a bartering party at Casale Podere Rosa (Via Diego Fabbri corner Via A. De Stefani, tel. 377/1396293) in the Talenti area from 10.00 to 14.00.

The association promotes the overhaul of abandoned sites around Italy and promotes a culture of recycling and exchange as an alternative to consumerism and waste. In fact, what Bidonville calls the art of recycling concerns not just paper, glass and plastic but rather the exchange of every kind of personal and used object, from fashion accessories, clothes and shoes to old fabrics, books, CDs, furniture and antiques, all of which needs to be in good condition. Some people also exchange services such as an English lesson for a shiatsu massage.

The association Green Think ( also organizes swap parties as part of a new project to promote eco-events in Rome. For details of upcoming events see the website.

Lately swap parties have spread from England and the United States, thanks also to internet, becoming an attractive method of sustainable consumption for fashion addicts and ordinary people alike.

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