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Hi from Rome

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1 Hi from Rome on 10th September 2009, 2:58 pm

Hi, another one from Rome. I have been here for 6 years, but have been coming here for nearly 20. My OH is Italian and we have 3 boys (8,3 and 2). I was working in an English nursery school, then I was on maternity, and now I am teaching English from home. lET'S HOPE THIS SITE KICKS OFF, PERSEVERE EVERYONE!

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2 Re: Hi from Rome on 11th September 2009, 2:31 pm

hi lizzi,

wow you live here long.
you like living in italie?

where are you from.your country.
and where in rome do you live?

hope this forum is going to work.
hugs rebecca

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3 Re: Hi from Rome on 11th September 2009, 3:22 pm

hi Rebecca
I am British, from Nottingham, my OH is half English half Itaalian, btu he grew up in Rome. I like lots of things about living here, although there are always lots of problems...things are never simple here. Rolling Eyes
I am in Dragona, which is south of Rome near Ostia Antica
I have a 2 year old as well!
What about you? same questions!!

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4 Re: Hi from Rome on 11th September 2009, 9:00 pm

wel amfromamsterdam.mine husband is italian.and am living this october 4years in rome.

there are nice things about living here but also a lot not so nice things.

mine daughter serena became 2 in july.
not going to the asilo.but she wil go to school next year sept.

i finaly found a babysitting job that taes me out of the house 3times a week.for 3hours a day.

we leave monte mario.near the foodball stadium.

nice to meet you.

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5 Re: Hi from Rome on 13th September 2009, 8:19 pm


Hi Lizzie, I have heard a lot about you from claire. I think the forum is picking up! so yay! cheers

6 Re: Hi from Rome on 13th September 2009, 9:35 pm

well this site is becoming additive...I am suppose to be having an evening with my girlfriend and all i do is keep popping on this site. Said friend will hopefully be joining too!

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7 Re: Hi from Rome on 13th September 2009, 10:07 pm


Now go and enjoy your evening lol Razz

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8 off to the UK on 6th October 2009, 12:56 pm

Off to the UK tomorrow morning (Nottingham) to see my has been over a year. AM SO looking forward to it..

Talk to you in a good!

Ex Laughing

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9 Re: Hi from Rome on 6th October 2009, 1:09 pm

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers

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10 Re: Hi from Rome on 15th October 2009, 10:39 am

Am back from UK. was really lovely to see family and meet sister in law for first time. Didn't rain where I was ..Spent £500, bought new coats, and new shoes for kids...properly fitted cheers and medicines etc.
Bought back nasty cold though...sneezing over everything and everyone...hope it is not swineflu pale also brought back 10 loads of busy busy
Was surprised to find it nearly as cold here...

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11 Re: Hi from Rome on 15th October 2009, 6:48 pm

Im still in the Uk cant stop sneezing and got a really bad sore throat Sad its to cold here SadSad

I have bought so much stuff im not sure its all going to fit in my suitcase when i come back to italy Shocked

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12 Re: Hi from Rome on 16th October 2009, 6:16 pm

You guys sound like me when in the UK.. I have a HUGE list of stuff to buy and bring back. You'd think we lived on the moon or something Laughing

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13 Re: Hi from Rome on 18th October 2009, 11:23 am

we do live onj the moon, or as good as!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and of course it depends on where you come from what you bring back....I don't miss the same things as our America members do. I only ever need jelly for my MIL for the Xmas trifle! I suppose it helps that I have NO interest in food or cooking whatsoever!

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