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Zen Latte - winter warmer

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1Zen Latte - winter warmer Empty Zen Latte - winter warmer on 7th November 2009, 2:35 pm

The Zen Latte is a delightful hot drink that is a mix of two favorite warmers. This one takes the beauty of Zen's green tea flavor and pairs it with the same steamed milk you use in your daily latte, making it the best of both worlds and a very relaxing winter drink. The matcha powder is a powdered green tea and can be found at most stores that sell a great variety of teas.

•1 1/2 parts Zen green tea liqueur
•6 parts steamed milk
•matcha powder for garnish

1.Pour the Zen into an Irish coffee glass or coffee mug.
2.Top with steamed milk.
3.Stir well.
4.Garnish with matcha powder

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