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Brandy Milk Punch

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1Brandy Milk Punch Empty Brandy Milk Punch on 7th November 2009, 1:43 pm

The Brandy Milk Punch (or simply Milk Punch) is one of the true classics of the cocktail world. It dates back to sometime around the 1600-1700's when brandy and rum punches were a must at any party. The recipe for the larger serving is different than this single serving because in the "punch" the milk is meant to curdle, which is appropriate considering how long it sets before drinking. Many other variations of this Milk Punch can be found: some add rum and some egg for a eggnog-like drink. One things is for sure, this drink is intoxicating and even if it seems soft, it does pack a punch.

•2 oz brandy
•1 oz simple syrup
•4 oz milk
•ground nutmeg for garnish

1.Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
2.Shake well(if you choose to add egg, shake until it hurts).
3.Strain into a punch glass.
4.Dust with grated nutmeg for garnish.

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