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American Jambalaya

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1American Jambalaya Empty American Jambalaya on 9th September 2009, 3:13 pm

900ml (1½ pints) Chicken Stock
340g (12oz) Prawns
225g (8oz) Spicy Sausages (Andouille, Cajun, Chorizo, etc)
170g (6oz) Long-Grain Rice
85g (3oz) Tomatoes
60ml (2floz) Tomato Juice
2 Celery Stalks
2 Cloves Garlic
1 Green Pepper
1 Onion
1 Jalapeno Pepper
1 Bay Leaf
Spring Onions
2 tbsp Tomato Puree
½ tbsp Vegetable Oil
½ tbsp Fresh Basil
¼ tsp Crushed Red Chili Flakes
Salt and Black Pepper

Peel the prawns and reserve the shells.
Place the chicken stock and reserved prawn shells into a large saucepan, bring to a simmer and simmer for about 10 minutes.
Strain the stock and discard the the shells, reserve stock for later use.
De-seed and dice the tomato, peel and chop the onion, chop the celery and pepper, peel and finely chop or mince the garlic.
Cut the sausage into 6mm (¼ inch) rounds.
Heat the oil in a large saucepan, fry the sausage until lightly browned on each side.
Add the celery, pepper and onion, frying gently until just transparent.
Add the chili and garlic and sauté for 4-5 minutes
Stir in the tomato, tomato juice, tomato puree, and bay leaf.
Add the strained stock and crushed red chili flakes.
Allow to simmer, add the rice, stir well, reduce the heat to a very low simmer, cover and cook for 15-18 minutes, or until the rice is almost cooked.
Remove the cover and add the prawns and chopped basil.
Cook for about 5 minutes or until the prawns are cooked.
Serve garnished with chopped spring onions.

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