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Asilo Nido

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1Asilo Nido Empty Asilo Nido on 29th October 2009, 4:53 pm

Hi - just wondering if any of your kids go to Asilo Nido -either public or private. What's it like? Was it hard to get your kid in? Do they feed the kids, have naps? And what's the kid/teacher ratio like?

Our 15 month old is currently with a babysitter in the mornings and my husband takes her to work in the afternoons (he owns a B&B here in Rome) but next year (when she's 2.5) we thought about starting her at the nido. We'll try for the public one near our house but are also open to private ones. Probably half a day at first.

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2Asilo Nido Empty Re: Asilo Nido on 29th October 2009, 10:05 pm

I got my 2 year old into a public asilo nido, but my 2nd son didn't get a place (he was 3 in may) and so we've had to pay privately fo r him at a materna. I am happy with both. they eat early. At the asilo they put the kids to sleep after lunch around 1, but I collect him at 12.30 coz my other son comes out at one and then my first son at 4.20 so I don't wanna go out 3 different times! Anyway
the asilo I think is 1 to 7. I am not sure about the materna...there are laws, but anyway in daniel's class there are a max of 20 kids and there are 4 teachers...but not necessarily in the class together all the time...bit confusing as there were supposed to be 2 classes, but there were not enough children so they put them and the teachers together. anyway it is all very nice and jolly. the kids are happy. esp the eldest one (Giac just turned 2 so he is a little bit too young for it). it is hard to get kids in to the schools. but depends how many kids there are in your area. u tend to be luckier in the central areas of Rome. anyway any questions ask away...

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3Asilo Nido Empty Re: Asilo Nido on 4th November 2009, 4:38 pm

thanks Lizzie! Sounds great although 1 to 7 is an awfully big ratio. I can't imagine dealing with that many kids. Makes me glad we waiting to put A in asilo until she's a bit older.

So at the public asilo you can get them out after lunch and before nap? Or is it always until 4.30? My husband could pick A up after lunch and take her to work but 4.30 would be ok too. What time do you drop them off in the AM?

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4Asilo Nido Empty Re: Asilo Nido on 4th November 2009, 5:36 pm

yeah 1 to 7 sounds awful, but in our particular case it is one teacher with a small group of children (usually someone is ill) and there is a person floating around to assist the classes....there are only 30 kids in the whole school and the number of teachers I think are about 6, plus director, assistant and I feel there are enough adults around. Not sure what the ratio is for the younger children (it does 12 months-3 yrs).

As for hours, I applied for full time care coz I thought Iìd be working, but as I decided to leave my job I only put him in in the morning. I think they can start 7.30am -9am and theythey can leave any time in the afternoon depending on age and routine of nursery. For Giac I could get him up to 1pm or after nap time at 3.30, but other groups have other routines, and he can stay til 6.
the staff are particularly caring and amenable.

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