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Cat problems!

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1Cat problems! Empty Cat problems! on 25th October 2009, 9:42 pm

I was wondering if anyone knows of a pet behaviour specialist in Roma?!

I have a cat called Ciro hes 1 yr old im having a bit of trouble with him.

He keeps attackig me and being aggressive towards me but does nothing to my partner! Several times he has attacked me when i was sitting down leaping onto my back and sinking his teeth into the back of my neck. We punish him when he does this tell him off and shut him in the kitchen but im getting worried hes starting to think its some kind of game. I have scratches and teeth marked on me now all the time.

He is still affectionate licking me and having a cuddle and being normal but then he will just suddenly change during the day or will just suddenly turn and sink his teeth into my arm after a cuddle. I make a sound of pain but he tenses and bites harder before running away from me when i try to get him off me.

Does anyone know if theres anything i can do to stop this behaviour? is he angry with me for some reason and taking out on me? i dont understand him. He's a Flat cat doesnt go out as we are on the 6th floor.

Now my brother has come to visit us for the first time and he has been stroking and fussing Ciro all evening last night and this afternoon. Ciro was enjoying the cuddles purring away and even going back for more and sitting on his lap. Then suddenly later on after a cuddle he moved away from my brother then suddenly just turned around and attacked him. He jumped onto my brother chest and went for his face with claws out then ran away. My brother was in shock and has a large bleeding scratch on his neck and one on his ear that won't stop bleeding now.

I had told my brother several times to be careful with the cat but they had been getting on so well and Ciro was happy and being affectionate so i cant understand the sudden change in him it doesnt make sense.

My partner was not please and locked Ciro in the kitchen and has said hes not allowed out until the morning he has said we cant have a baby with a cat like this (we are thinking of trying for a baby at some point) hes worried Ciro would attack it.

So now i really dont know how to stop Ciro from being aggressive and stop being bad

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2Cat problems! Empty Re: Cat problems! on 26th October 2009, 1:27 pm

got a feeling someone I know took their pet to a psychologist...but can't remember who...I'm looking into it. In the meantime I am sure an internet addict like yourself has already checked the net, but anyway I looked and found which has a section on cats and aggression towards people. As for having a baby with an unpredictable cat around ....A is right...not a good idea at all. The baby is bound to make the cat jealous, so u would expect negative behavioural changes anyway...and with a flat cat who u can't chuck outside....not good Neutral

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3Cat problems! Empty Re: Cat problems! on 28th October 2009, 11:29 am

yikes! don't know of anyone but i feel for you!

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4Cat problems! Empty Re: Cat problems! on 28th October 2009, 2:43 pm

I think he just gets a bit over excited hes been fine now since attacking my brother, quite good really although i always keep an eye on him.

One of my sisters cat apparently bites sometimes to be affectionate which i didnt know. I love Ciro to bits even if hes naughty, someone else said to me he might calm down eventually but we will see Neutral

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5Cat problems! Empty Re: Cat problems! on 10th April 2011, 8:08 pm

Hi there...hows your cat these days?

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6Cat problems! Empty Re: Cat problems! on 11th April 2011, 10:23 am

Better thanks he still goes for my legs sometimes but i shut him in the balcony now if he does which is a smaller space than the kitchen and he hates it. So after 10 mins alone out there he tends to stop although which is good lol

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7Cat problems! Empty Re: Cat problems! on 11th April 2011, 6:01 pm

ah I see. What if, instead of punishing him (which cats don't really get and just makes them more anxious and confused) could you try to simply ignore his naughty behaviour, and praise him up whenever he's being you would with a 2 year old kid. That gets much better results.
We took in a very difficult kitty 2 years ago and it took tons of patience and even more unconditional love (even though he used to hiss and spit at me). I used this method and now he is the most affectionate cuddly cat. He only spits now if something has frightened him.
Oh and I used to spend a lot of time gaining his trust through 'play', and gave him food treats whenever he behaved. He didn't used to like being handled so I'd pick him up anyway (at first for just a few seconds) and I'd reward him with a treat after each time, and each time got a bit longer. Now it's not a problem at all - he even likes it.
Anyway, that's all. cat

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8Cat problems! Empty Re: Cat problems! on 11th April 2011, 6:19 pm

p.s. - forgot to say...the reason why a cat can be enjoying cuddles from its owner quite happily then suddenly flip and become aggressive is because although its enjoying the cuddles, it suddenly realises that it's actually put itself in a vulnerable situation so then it reacts, often aggressively, and runs off somewhere out of reach to hide. And the pattern repeats itself until gradually the cat feels secure and reacts less each time.
Our cat also did this (to a lesser degree than yours), but I never shouted at him, I just let him go away and calm down so that next time he'd remember that nothing bad happened to him when he had cuddles and that he had no reason to flip out. With some cats it just takes a long time. cat cat

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