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What to wear clubbing????

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1What to wear clubbing???? Empty What to wear clubbing???? on 16th October 2009, 6:14 pm

Its years since I actually went to a club without my husband (ie without a possessive Italian bodyguard). Tonight I am going out with 2 Italian friends and I dont have a clue what to wear. I am totally out of what's in fashion and not only that its suddenly turned cold and autumnal. I don't want to look like a total whore or a frump either.

Anyone out there in Roma actually have a life and can tell me what is cool and understated these days??? Very Happy

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2What to wear clubbing???? Empty Re: What to wear clubbing???? on 18th October 2009, 11:32 am

absolutely not...have no idea whatsoever. But when I went to the UK last week I saw a new change back to an old fashion style. (this has nothing to do with your question but anyway Laughing ...) My parents live near Nottingham university, and virtually every female student was wearing the same thing...Black leggings and a short flowy skirt over the top. also a lot were wearing pump type shoes with no socks (and it was freezing). Also big chunky brown belts at the waist or hips over flowing blouses and brown cowboy boots. It was so wierd coz it was like a uniform...they are such sheep when it comes to fashion. the blokes looked the same as ever thou'.

Incidently what did you end up wearing..and was it appropriate?

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3What to wear clubbing???? Empty Re: What to wear clubbing???? on 18th October 2009, 1:24 pm

you would be surpised, most people wear lots of black and you can get away with a fitted sweater or shirt , skirt with leggings/tights since its freezing, tight jeans, and boots/heels. at least thats what i wear .. Im quite tall 5'10'' i perfer flat boots which seem to be the style now anyway and makes me feel less gargatuan...

hope you had fun! I love the nightlife in Italy.. Smile

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