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My top 5 favorite books

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26 Re: My top 5 favorite books on 20th March 2010, 1:31 pm

Lizzie wrote:fear not, I have my own (fast depleting) bank account in England and I use that account for my 'keep me sane' treats! As for the kids...that's a whole other story. They already say I spend all day on my computer, just don't tell Daddy!!!! Wink

I used to have one of those bank accounts myself... however child benefit seem to have stopped paying my book depository money in recently (my oh is on secondment and paying uk ni - long story but they should still be paying it) I now use 'magic credit card' and just give him my 'look' if I so much as think he is going to query anything on the bill... I too spend a vast amount of time on 'puter but then I don't have kids at home anymore during the day -and even when I did I still craved adult conversation. I think it is just the need to wallow in a bit of Englishness where I can articulate myself properly and (sometimes) intelligently that I miss the most.

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