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In Soave moving to the Bolzano area. Anyone in Alto Adige?

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I'm Carolyn. I've lived in Verona for a little over five years. Studied Italian for four months, but my husband speaks perfect English and I worked only with English speaking colleagues and clients, so my Italian has not progressed much and I find it REALLY frustrating. We're having a baby in February in Bolzano and I'm trying to meet up with other expats in the area, since I don't speak more than two words of German and understand that the population there doesn't really like to speak Italian...hoping to find other young families. Anyone out there?

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not me, but welcome! Very Happy

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Hello and welcome

Jessica is in Verona! Very Happy

Im in Roma but when i visit Jess at some point we could meet up if you like.

I know how you feel about the italian my BF speaks to me in english all the time so its been hard for me to learn italian so i barely scrap through Rolling Eyes

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Welcome Carolyn! Good luck with the baby!

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Hi Carolyn! Nice to hear from someone in the vicinity! Are you still working in Verona? We should meet up before you move. Is your move to Bolzano permanent? How do you like Soave? My husband and I went there a few weeks ago to look around and it seemed like a ghost town! It was August so that may be why. Very pretty though!

6In Soave moving to the Bolzano area.  Anyone in Alto Adige? Empty moving to Trento on 25th November 2009, 4:00 am

Hi Carolyn,

I just joined today and found your post. My husband and I are moving from California to Trento in January. So far, all I can say in Italian is "non parlo italiano." I do speak a little (tourist-level) German, so maybe that will help us out in this region.

We have a daughter who will turn one year old in February.

I'd love to meet, maybe after you've settled in with the baby?


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Nice to meet you Jenn welcome to the forum! Very Happy

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