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looking for an elementary school in rome!

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1looking for an elementary school in rome! Empty looking for an elementary school in rome! on 22nd March 2011, 5:10 am

I will be in Rome for 6months this year and our two 8-year old twin daughters will need a school.

We will be there from early July to the middle of December so our stay will include the fall semester. We have been trying to locate a school for the kids and have had limited success.

We have some preliminary research into the international schools in Rome and are not really interested in that kind of school. Our ideal situation for a school (3rd grade) would be a public school or one that is taught in Italian and all of their classmates would also be learning Italian as a second language.

We’ve also done some research into public schools but have not been able to find any independent opinions regarding the general quality of education they offer.

If you can offer any help or advice on where we should look of whom we should talk to it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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2looking for an elementary school in rome! Empty Re: looking for an elementary school in rome! on 29th March 2011, 1:00 pm

try for directory of English schools in Rome. Schools don't open until September. You could sign them up for summer school but it will be only play and no actual schooling.
You will probably have difficulty findig a place for them for only 1 semester, classes have a limited amount of places and they will want to fill them with childrten who will be there for a whole academic year.
Which area in Rome will you be in?

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I also would like to know about primary school options. After looking through the list, there's no way we can afford private school without financial aid -- which some schools don't offer at all. How accomodating are the public schools when dealing with Italian as a Second Language students? My husband and I will both be working so home school is not really an option for us.

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